Novice Set Up help

Hello! Just downloaded Beam, downloaded my fixture profiles and added tags.

I have 4 Rockville Stage Panel 864’s, and have followed the directions (i believe) for the link below step by step, yet I have been unable to get any signal at all through to my lights.

I’m stumbling on step one, and over my head a little as this is my first time working with lighting. I’m using an enntec box, I know I have everything cable-wise routed correctly, Just need any help to at least get off of the ground. I watched this video and i feel like i’m doing it right, but have yet to figure out how to get this going.

Thank you!

Added some screenshots here for context, even when I go to “Test” in Beam I still get no signal out of my fixtures

Hey Nemo,

Have you made sure to open the “I/O” window of Beam and feed it the IP address of your MIDI-DMX converter ?

See this thread if it can help : ODE Mk3 for Beam

Hey Pierre, the “I/O” window is not available yet in the current public release of Beam, and is something that is currently only available in the Alpha version.

@nemo You mentioned watching the video, but I realize in the video we’ve glossed over one important step, which is selecting your DMX interface in Beam’s Preferences. You can get there by clicking on the cog wheel on the left side of the Patch Editor window. The dropdown menu under Output should reveal supported and connected DMX USB interfaces, or offers the ArtNet option to enter the IP address of your ArtNet node.

Sorry about this guys, I wanted to help and made it more complicated instead… feel free to delete my messages if you want JP ! Thank you =)

No worries! Thanks for helping out!

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