ODE Mk3 for Beam

Hi i am looking to buy a DMX converter and i was wondering if the ENTTEC ODE Mk3 has been tested or whether is recomended for use with beam ,


Hi @Joel, any Art-Net node works with Beam, and Enttec ODE Mk3 is a good option.

How do I connect the Mk3 to Beam? because it’s not a USB device it doesn’t show up in the dropdown in settings. I’m having hard time understanding how to send data from Beam to this device.

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I think you put the IP adress on the back into the box nexto the ArtNet drop down menu. If you click the cog bellow the lines in the top left side of the window you will find it, also try unplugging the ether net cable and plugging it back in. Im new to lighting and beam and still working it out too.

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Hi @fivezy,

The ODE Mk3 should appear in the list of devices when you go to Preferences, like so:

If it doesn’t, please check your networking settings. Your computer’s network interface used to connect to the Art-Net node needs to have an IP address in the same range as the node (2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x), as well as a matching subnet mask (most commonly


Consult with the ODE Mk3 manual for configuring the Art-Net node to use a corresponding static IP.

Once the settings are correct, your ODE Mk3 should appear as an option in the Preferences. Alternatively, if you know the node’s address, you can also select the Art-Net option and specify the IP address manually, as suggested by @Joel:

Please let us know if you have managed to make it work or need further help.