Videosync alpha layer

Hi Jean Paul,

For a future project we are trying to make our costumor happy to use video sync for sync VT’s.
Those VT’s will often contain an alpha layer, mostly in prores 4444 codec (adjustable offourse).
Is there a solution how to make this work?
I downloaded the demo version and this is exactly what we need IF we can playout with alpha layer on for example a BM ultrastudio 4k Mini using two separate SDI outputs.

Cheers Theo

Hi Theo,

I think everything you’re asking for is possible. I’m not quite sure what you mean with “VT’s” though, so I might be misunderstanding something. Since you already tried the Videosync demo, maybe we can schedule a Zoom call so I can help you further. Feel free to DM me with days/times that would be convenient for you.

Hi Jean Paul,

Good to hear that what i am looking for is probably already possible!
Is it posible to have a zoomcall tomorrow around 10:00? (CEST)
Then i will make sure my kit is up and running.
Any other suggestion timewise is also good ofcourse!