Reverse Video + Using video form Max Msp as input

Hi there,

I was trying to reverse a video clip in the arrangement mode, and it tells me something like “reversing will turn the clip to audio clip and will be unable to show any video”. Is there a way I can reverse a video directly through that interface, or should I reverse it on another program and use it ?

Other question would be, is there any way to take a max-msp video patch as an input ? If yes, how would you do this ?

Thanks in advance, I have so much fun using Videosync !!

Hi Nicolas, welcome to the forum!

Indeed, any actions that normally convert/re-render audio clips, will only be applied to the audio parts of video clips. This goes for reversing, cropping, consolidating, freezing and flattening. There is no way for us to integrate with Live on that level yet.
Reversing clips will therefore have to be done in another application first.

The only way to currently get something from Max into Videosync is by using Syphon. You can then receive the Syphon source in Videosync using an External In device.

Great to read you’re having fun with Videosync! :smiley:

Great this works ! Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

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