Looking for LFO mapping techniques using Videosync with Ableton live and improvising music and visuals

So, I have a show coming up where I plan to improvise electronic ambient music but also include live visuals from videosync. I have been working with the demo of videosync and recently purchased it because of the ease of being able to map things easily inside Ableton.

I am currently using the Digitakt as the main hub to drive everything including Ableton. I have had really good jams so far with the Digitakt driving Video sync because of the ability of the Digitakt to “retrigger” LFO’s. I map these retriggered LFOs to the map sliders (or anything else really) in ISF shaders because they are fun and respond well and in time to the music, I’m making on the fly.

Just wondering if anyone had any tips for triggering LFOs to incoming midi on the fly?

I’ve watched the demo of Videosync and that’s fun and all working with an existing completed track but I’m using it for a live aspect and I’ve had some pretty decent success with it so far.

Hi Dichotomos,

If I understand correctly, you are looking to trigger a movement as controlled with an LFO, with a MIDI note.

One way to do this would be to use an Envelope MIDI device and link that to the Depth of the LFO.

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 15.42.36

Would this address your idea?


I believe so, I’ll have to try this when I get home this evening. There are so many devices in Ableton that one doesn’t know them all and it’s easy to get tunnel vision with so many options so it’s likely I overlooked what potentially looks like an easy solution.

Thanks I’ll get back to you with this.

Thanks for this it lead me to the Ableton modulator “Envelope follower” which does exactly what I was looking for. I’ve had some really good experiments so far and tweaking live visuals to react to incoming audio has been working really well.

I want to thank the help I received from this forum. Here are the results of my work. I’m basically using the Envelope follower in Ableton to follow a single audio channel, Say the Kick of the drums. That envelope follower is then mapped to the volume of the Kick drum and then I pick an ISF visual that compliments it. Map certain parameters to a midi controller for live tweaking of audio and visuals, then repeat the process for the snare, high hats, and percussion. Synth gets its own treatment. Starts to pick up steam around the 3:50 markVideosync live improvised visuals and electronic music

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This is awesome, it’s a great example of how to do audio-reactive visuals with Live and Videosync.

Thanks for sharing it here, it’s great to watch your performance and it will be very helpful for other users to know how you approached this technically!

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Once I found Abletons Envelope follower I was set on finding what visuals complemented each other. The Digitakt LFO was not was I thought I was going for. The Envelope follower was exactly what I wanted to do. When the individual sound volume triggers the envelope, I map that envelope to the volume which rises and then falls with the sound. The shorter the sound the quicker the visual appears and disappears. It’s more long winded explanation. I probably could make a YT tutorial if anyone was interested.

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