Using VS with acoustic instruments

I’ve just discovered Videosync, which looks fantastic, but I wonder if it works with a simple acoustic guitar and vocal? I have a few non-electronic performances this year, and it would be great if I could use videosync for these. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, Martin!

Since you mention non-electronic performances, I assume you also do electronic performances with Ableton Live? Do you plan on using Live for anything audio related in your non-electronic performances?

Like with anything in Live, you can of course use MIDI controllers to trigger videos and control parameters. The real question is, do you want the visuals to react to audio? Or would you prefer if the visuals stood on their own, with (minimal) manual input during your performance?

Hi, Jean-Paul

Thank you. Sorry, that was a bit confusing. I want the visuals to react to my guitar or voice (or both), so I would be using Live but only as a hub for VS.

While I don’t have any examples at hand currently, there is this older thread by Dichotomos, who was going through a similar process.

It all comes down to using devices like the Envelope Follower (you can find it in the Audio Effects category), and mapping it to interesting visual parameters. I would recommend looking for one or more interesting shaders, loading them into ISFLoader devices, and then create meaningful interactions between audio and video.