Lights Flickering With Beam

Hi there!

I am using the Beam demo and I love it so far. The only thing is the lights are randomly flickering. The Pars are flickering and the Astera Titan tubes are randomly flashing white. I have tried these lights using other light software (Lightkey) and the lights do not flicker. This is only in Beam. Any idea what might be happening? Thanks!


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for getting in touch! The Astera Titan has 143 different DMX profiles / modes. At the moment only modes 12 and 30 are included in the Beam’s Factory collection. Could it be that your fixture is set to a different mode than one of these two? What you are describing sounds like a mismatch between the used fixture profile and the data the fixture is set to receive.

If you would like to use another mode and need a fixture profile for it, please let me know. For now, here are two additional profiles for modes 15 and 50:

Besides that, it is always helpful to see a screenshot of the Beam’s Monitor while the flickering is happening.