Layer syphon please please!

New Videosync user, it’s all good, but I really need the layer syphon function which can easy to find in other vj software, Is it possible to add a plugin to achieve this function? or Can I do myself with Max for live? please I really need help!

Thanks a lot!


I’ve sent you a direct message.

Thanks! It works! it should be contained on default plugin, very useful function!

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Happy to hear it’s working. We’ll reconsider adding the plugin to the default pack!

I’m adding the download link here as well in case anybody is interested in using it:
Syphon Out.amxd

Note that this device has been deprecated, so even though it’s working with Videosync 0.9.1 and earlier, we might change its behaviour in the future. Please keep this in mind while using it in your Live sets.