Feature Request: Syphon output per track

Liking VideoSync a lot, drag and drop videos into an Ableton project’s session view is a wonderful thing.

My basic requirement is to have each track as a separate syphon feed at full opacity. The returns feature seems to make this possible, but I can’t make it work. Applying Properties and unselecting Link opacity to Volume works for the source tracks, but has no effect on the return tracks. The opacity of each Syphon output is linked to the return track’s volume.

This also feels like fighting the system. I’m creating a new return track purely to duplicate a source track (lots of wasted UI space) and futzing with routing and properties (hidden complexity/magic).

A quick read of the forum suggests you’ve had something like this previously, so I’m not sure what the reasoning was – perhaps I’m missing something here.

Welcome to the forum Toby, and thank you for informing us about this issue. I can reproduce what you’re experiencing. This appears to be a bug, so I’ve added a ticket for it internally.

Thanks. If the returns not respecting the Link opacity toggle is a bug, then at least I’m not going mad.

The wider point of fighting the system remains. In particular the return tracks are dead space on screen that I need for the rest of my performance setup. Having an “Output this track via Syphon” toggle in the Properties device would be clear and efficient.

Thanks again for the product, I appreciate the polish let alone basic functionality. And pretty please for the feature request!

Hi, new user. Echoing this request - it’s exactly why I bought videosync, to launch video clips on multiple channels, each routed to a syphon stream, and then routed to a physicaHDMI port. I’m extremely happy with videosync (and impressed with your support of free tools like paramGrabber). I’m using return tracks, and using OBS on my macbook as the receiver for multiple syphon streams, and OBS lets me route incoming streams to an individual full screen. I learned that from this forum! The only fly in the ointment requiring a workaround is the (current) hard linking of volume slider to opacity. And of course, it would be nice to avoid the multiplication of entities (return tracks), too, if possible. Thanks so much for a cool , well crafted tool!

Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum and thank you for chiming in. Your feedback is very welcome.

We have just released Videosync 1.2.6, which resolves the issue you are both describing.

Use “Check for Updates…” in the Videosync application, or download the latest installer here .

Thanks for resolving the Link opacity issue so promptly.