External input & output blending

Hi, I’m trying to get the video output of a Max4Life device (L-Scope audio to image generator) into the Videosync window. Can someone explain to me how I can do this, please? I’m not seeing anything in the external input (syphon). I want to convert the sounds of an acoustic piano into Lissajous graphics and merge them with the video output. Please help!

Hey Dave, welcome to the forum!

I can imagine that the L-Scope device does not have a built-in Syphon output, which would be why it does not appear in the External In device. So it’s really just a standalone device, and it has no relation to Videosync.
You could try to implement the Syphon output yourself; a similar question was asked in this topic not too long ago.

Thank you, I will try doing that…