External In Recording Troubles

Hello. I am trying to record myself making music with the external in device. I have it on a midi track, which is sending audio to an audio track, which I then try to record into arrangement view, but nothing is recorded to the video sync window once i playback. my webcam is coming through to the video sync screen, just not recording to master. Help Pls?

Hi Ben, welcome to the forum!

With the current Live API it’s not possible to integrate with Live on that level, so unfortunately we can’t add an integrated recording feature like that.
However, it is possible to record Videosync’s output in another application, like Syphon Recorder. You can read more about this here.

Rob has has done some experimenting recording in an automated way using OBS, you can read more in this topic.

Let me know if you have any further questions!


Thanks for the reply. I want to clarify that I simply want to record myself playing the piano and guitar and stuff so that i dont have to sync it up in my audio editing software. With the external in, shouldnt i be able to record the video straight into the live set, then after record into syphon?

It would be great if that were possible, but sadly it’s not. External In serves as a routing element and live input of video signals to Videosync (not Live).

As a third party we are limited as to what level we can integrate our software with Live. Live does not know the concept of video clip recording to begin with, and therefor will always record audio clips. The same goes for performing rendering operations on video clips in the Session View and Arrangement View (like Consolidate, Crop, Reverse); Live will just convert them to audio clips. When it comes to exporting, Live will exclusively render the video clips in the Arrangement View, not taking into account any of Videosync’s manipulations, as Live doesn’t (and can’t) know about Videosync’s existence. If it were possible, we’d love to add this level of integration, but as it currently stands, it just isn’t.

For context, Videosync started out as a tool to enhance live performances by adding video support to the Session View, and making it easy and convenient to manipulate video in realtime. External In can be used as a live video input to manipulate during a performance.
Only since Live 11 we have been able to support video clip playback in the Arrangement View. This naturally introduces new use cases, like the wish to record, or to have some of the editing/rendering features mentioned earlier. We’re just not there yet unfortunately!

gotcha, all good! ill have to look into obs and osc! Thank you for your time and attention