Automate Videosync a/v output recording?

I see that the good people at OBS have devised an OSC listener/controller. As Ableton has OSC capability, this could be a great tool for automating start/stop OBS a/v output recording from within an Ableton/Videosync project.

I don’t have the know-how for this but I’m trying. I think there may be others who can implement this faster and more efficiently…?

For as long as OBS is supported this seems a great way for a/v software to record output so the software designers can focus on the more important functions.

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Hey Rob! Thanks for sharing this! Have you tried LiveGrabber already? It’s a bundle of Max for Live devices we offer for free that can send and receive OSC messages. I think all you’d need to set this up are the GrabberSender and the SongGrabber devices.

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ah very cool. I was just starting out with the onboard ‘OSC Send’ in Ableton, and feeling a bit lost, but this looks super useful. I am a hapless amateur, but I’ll give it a go…

Please let us know if you got it to work and if you’re pleased with the results!

Yes. I have the websocket plugin working with a green light that tells me I’m connected to OBS,

wasn’t sure how to enter the “startRecording” command into the devices, so I tried the Single Note Grabber and entered “startRecording” in the address:

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 14.37.45

and used the Grabber Sender to direct this to Port 3333:

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 14.38.02

…this is probably wildly wrong, but i can’t figure another way. And it works. Please give feedback, as single note commands are not very convenient…

i’m thinking this would be a good way to automate live streaming, too

That’s awesome! You seem to be using LiveGrabber just fine and correctly :slight_smile: .

I suggest you take a look at the SongGrabber device instead of the SingleNoteGrabber device though, and use the PlayingState as the trigger. Then, whenever you hit play in Live, OBS should start recording right away, and stop recording whenever you stop the transport again.

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hmm. great solution, but it turns out to be a bit crunchy, as the ‘stop’ command either doesn’t work or it flips round so stopping Ableton starts OBS recording. This although the GrabberSender is clearly registering a ‘0’ sent…:

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 21.07.20

sorted. it needs a different command for this:

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i would recommend to trigger start/stop with midi.

There is a great OBS Plugin where you can set for example Midi Note 0=C-2 as a trigger and send that MIDI with an Ableton Clip to the IAC Driver in that Channel. You choose that IAC Channel in the OBS Plugin and the incoming Note - 1x Start Recording = Note on Event and 1x Stop Recording = Note off Event (Bindings).

Now you have a REC Trigger Clip in Ableton.

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thanks, that’s another great way to activate the OBS recording via MIDI.

I have only recently started exploring the IAC channel, so I will definitely give this a try.

The Grabber tools are very useful though, for this and other times when you need Ableton to talk to other softwares.