Can’t find showsync v1.1 in control surface v11.1.1

Hi there,

I have installed version 1.0 before ,
After registering and installing the new update of VideoSync(1.1 version)
I can’t find showsync in control surface of Ableton(11.1.1 version),
please help me.

Many thanks,

Hey Parker,

Could you confirm if you have this folder in your User Library?

It seems that the user library path I specified cannot be used during installation. I can install it by changing to the default user library. It can be used after installation, but this warning will always pop up.

Hi Parker,

This sounds like the same issue as in this topic: Installation failed

Can you try this beta build for me:

After installation, you should be able to use the official 1.1.0 release. The only difference between the release and this beta is that the beta can handle User Libraries with a custom name.

All the best,

For any new readers; this issue was fixed and is now part of the stable release: Videosync 1.1.1