Installation failed

macOS 10.14.6
Ableton Live Suite 11.1.1

Getting error: “Installation failed… Please restart Videosync and Ableton Live and try again. If the problem persists, please get in touch. User Library does not exist at /Volumes/Library/User Library”

What I tried so far:

  1. > Show package contents > copy ‘Control Surface’ folder to…
  2. Ableton Live 11 > Show package contents …/Midi Remote Scripts
  3. Renamed it to ‘Showsync’
  4. Launch Ableton & select Showsync control surface. Its there!

I think the installer is tripping up on the fact that my Ableton User Library exists at path /Volumes/Library/Ableton User Library/

Copying the Videosync plugins and demo files manually should be easy enough. But I can’t figure out where Videosync wants them to go exactly.

Thanks for reporting! And great that you managed to copy the control surface manually!

While the ‘Midi Remote Scripts’ folder does work, the location Videosync installs the control surface to is User Library/Remote Scripts/Showsync. You can create the Remote Scripts folder if it doesn’t exist already.

As for why Videosync has issues installing the control surface for you: could you check the location of the User Library in Live’s preferences? For example, the location looks like this for me:

Thank you!

Thanks for the Remote Scripts tip.

This is my User Library folder setup.


Anyway I renamed it to just ‘User Library’ and Videosync was able to run its setup. Hopefully in a future update, Videosync will be able to gracefully deal with custom User Library setups like mine.

Thank you. Live’s preferences look good, so I’ll make a ticket for this issue and will look into it.

In the meantime, copying the control surface manually is the best workaround. I hope users with similar issues will see this forum post and benefit from your report and insights. Thanks again for getting in touch!

Having the same problem… Or sort of. My user library is just called “Library” and I would like not to change anything that can break my other work. How can I install this without changing my user library name?


Thanks for jumping in Ole - this helped me connect some dots and I think our next update will fix this issue.

I just uploaded a first beta for 1.1.1 (build 131) here:
Can you give this version a try and let me know if this works for you?

After installation, you should be able to use the official 1.1.0 release. The only difference between the release and this beta is that the beta can handle User Libraries with a custom name.

Thanks again for the reports and all the information!

For any new readers; this issue was fixed and is now part of the stable release: Videosync 1.1.1

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How do I find installers for the m4l stuff? I can pull from the demo project but is that the way to do it?

If Videosync detects that the plugins haven’t been installed yet to the User Library, or when the installer contains a newer version of the plugins that are already in the User Library, the installer should open automatically once Videosync connects to Live.
In any other situation, you can click “Open Installer…” in the Videosync menu in the menu bar: