ADJ Mega PAR Profile Plus issues

Hi. I’m having some issues with my first Beam experiments and would like to share.
I’m using a ADJ Mega PAR Profile Plus connected through an Enttec ODE MK2 plugged directly into my MacBook Pro through Ethernet. I’m using Beam 1.3.0 in Ableton Live 11.1.1

Following procedure, my Par light is in DMX mode and, since I’m testing with this light only, I have selected adresses 1 to 10.

Going to Beam, I created a fixture profile using Stairville LED Par, which seemed to be close to the ADJ Par I’m using. I created a Universe 1 and Address 1. As a Tag, I simply put par 1 accompanied by C3 as a note value. Added my fixture.

Going to Ableton Live, I created a track in which I added a Par.amxd as an instrument. I added four C3 notes in a loop.

My issue, thanks for your patience, is when I press on play, my light remains off with no reaction. If I manually change my parameters in my Par instrument, my Par light has no reaction at all.

Can anyone help me out please? Am I missing something?
Am I using the wrong parameters with my ADJ Par lamp?
Have I misunderstood the Universes and Addresses?

Thanks so much for your help.


The fact that you are not seeing your light turn on is most likely due to one of these two reasons:

  1. Did you specify the correct IP address for your Art-Net node? You can see if the ODE MK2 is receiving Art-Net data if the ACTIVITY light on the node is blinking.

  2. You are using a fixture profile with a channel layout that doesn’t match your fixture.

    Looking at the DMX implementation of your fixture, I see it has 4/5/6/9/10-channel modes.
    On the other hand, the Stairville LED Par profile (that comes with Beam) only has 3 channels (red, green, blue). Except in the 4-channel mode, this will not be enough to make your light turn on - the 5/6/9/10-channel modes also require the Dimmer channel to be active. Either way, it is best to use a fixture profile that exactly matches your fixture.

    Here are the 6-channel and 10-channel mode profiles for your fixture:
    ADJ Mega Par Profile Plus - 6ch.sbf (1.2 KB)
    ADJ Mega Par Profile Plus - 10ch.sbf (1.8 KB)

    Please try one of these (after you have set the corresponding DMX channel mode on your fixture) and see if you are able to turn the light on.

    I would recommend also having a look at Beam’s Monitor to confirm that Beam is actually sending any DMX after turning the Intensity up in a device in Live. When the color is set to white and Intensity is at 100%, the values in the Monitor (for your fixture in the 6 or 10 channel mode) should look like this:

Let me know if any of this helps.