A complete sequence in one drum rack

Hi ! i am new to Beam, and trying to make it work !

i have my fixtures responding to my midi keyboard working, but now I try to put all of my pars into one drum rack so I can write a complete sequence in only one midi track, but one of the 2 pars I have for my test is not responding to the note (but working in a solo midi track)

I can map with a fader, working fine, but doesn’t react with a midi note. I hope I am understandable :slight_smile:

thanks a lot for your repose ^^



When placing a device onto a Drum Rack Pad, the default MIDI note the device is set to receive is always C3, no matter what Drum Rack Pad you place the device onto. If you want to set the pitch that triggering a Drum Rack Pad will output to something else, toggle the Input/Output Section of the Drum Rack (I-O icon at the left edge) and set the value in the Play column of each Chain to the desired MIDI Out note:

If you have already done that, but still have the issue, please share your Ableton set.

thanks a lot ! I am not using Beam any more (for the moment)