Which tool to send all Midi CC control messages


I am trying to use your tools to send Midi CC control messages recorded in a Midi clip in Ableton to Processing via OSC.

I have a track with several Midi CC Control messages (more than 40 different CC codes) recorded on different envelopes (Breath, Portamento, etc…)

Could you tell me which tool sends all CC Control messages to OSC?

I tried GrabberSender (both in the Midi Track and in the Master Track) and nothing is sent. Nothing appear in “Latest Messages Sent” section of the device and nothing is received in processing.

Sending Midi Notes On & Off to Processing using OSC works using the Connectivity Kit of Ableton.

But it does not send CC Messages, see my post on ableton : https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=235717

So my last resort was trying your tools.

But I can’t even send midi notes with it.

Am I in the right direction?


Hi sefss, thanks for getting in touch.

As you have guessed, the livegrabber plugins don’t send any midi parameters over OSC, they are meant to communicate other data from Live over OSC.

The reason is that MIDI notes and CC’s can also be communicated to Processing via MIDI, perhaps with a library like this, potentially combined with a MIDI over ethernet solution like this (I didn’t try either of these solutions, just as a reference).

However, I can see how a plugin for communicating MIDI over OSC can be useful, or at least convenient. Perhaps we can add something like that at some point, it is certainly possible to build a plugin like that.

Thanks for your answer.

The reason I want to use OSC directly from Ableton is that Ableton drops Midi messages when sent externally : https://forum.ableton.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=235720

So I’m trying OSC hopping it won’t drop messages.

If you have any idea what I may be doing wrong that leads Ableton to drop messages like that.

Also, If you have heard of someone sending 100 CC Messages in less than 500ms that would also be a great help since I’d know it’s doable.


Hi sefss,

I see, that is indeed weird behavior, especially seeing that you’re using a virtual midi device. I am afraid I don’t know what could cause Ableton to drop messages like that, I’d have to do more tests.

OSC should in theory be able to handle that amount of data easily, especially when routing messages internally.