What vidéo sync intro can’t do

Hi ! :slight_smile:
All in thé title
I am very intérested into vidéo sync for a simple show, to send vidéo clips through ableton session vue, fade one Clip to an other, …and thats it !

Is videosync intro enough for my humble needs ?

Thanks in advance for your answer ^^


Hi Lela!

That’s exactly what Videosync Intro is intended for: multiple video playback in Session View or Arrangement View, and using volume faders or the crossfader to create transitions between them. To try it for yourself you can always download the trial from our website. It’s free and has no time or feature restrictions. If you can do what you need without using any of the plugins, then Videosync Intro is the right choice you :slight_smile:

Fantastique !

But i tried twice downloading trial but nothing happened, i registered With my e-mail but no doxnloading box :thinking:
Any idea ?

Thanks a lot !!

Hm, that’s strange! Does clicking this link work?


Or this one?

ah oui ca fonctionne ici merci ! ^^
je vais tester ça ce week end !
euh… I mean, its working !
just bought, one more question,
is it possible to desactivate for a moment in order to activate on a other computer just for the during of a show, and then reactivate on mine ?
(im not sure its comprehensible :slight_smile: )

Yes, that is possible, although you can activate a single license on two different machines, so de- and reactivating would probably not be necessary in your case :slight_smile:

Happy syncing!

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Its perfect ! I am happy i have Found videosync !!
For a simple music and vidéo show this is perfect !
Thanx a lot

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