Warping gives error

hi there, when I import videos on an audio track and warp the audio Videosync app gives the message “error detected”.
I get a perfect audio sync but video won t play, Is this a known issue? Perhaps anyone has an isuggestion what I can do to solve this?
thnx ion advance!

Hi Macha,

Did you press Save in the clip properties after changing the warp markers?


:slight_smile: i forgot. thnx . that solved it.

Happy to hear that solved it!

This is still a quite counterintuitive step that we can’t get rid of until Ableton adds the info about warp markers to their Live API. Currently we have to read this from the .asd files (hence the Save necessity).

If you have an idea how to make this required action more clear, maybe in the manual or otherwise, we’d love to know!