Videosync video effects change audio levels? (& vice versa)

I’ve noticed some alteration in audio levels when applying Videosync video effects in ableton. The simplest example I can give is this: just dropping the ‘Color Wavvy’ effect rack onto a track playing back a video raises the audio gain significantly. Not sure why this would be?

Additionally I have noticed some audio effects raise brightness levels in the video, almost as though a second duplicate video channel had been added. Easy example is the Ableton ‘Stereo Widener’ which in this example I am adding to the master channel with one audio channel playing audio/video straight through.

Again, hard for me to understand. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a rookie error I am making?

Hey Rob, nice of you to bring this up! It seems that while making the presets, the audio levels weren’t considered. Since Color Wavvy is an Audio Effect Rack and contains three chains, the audio output of these three chains is accumulated. We should add a few Properties devices to mute the audio in the video related chains, and perhaps add a new chain for singular audio passthrough.

The Stereo Widener presets are also Audio Effect Racks that contain multiple chains. Like the audio, video is also duplicated, resulting in a brighter image, as video follows the exact same signal path as audio. You can mute the video output of a chain using a Properties device.

For more practical examples I highly recommend watching these videos about Routing and Blending tracks with Videosync.

thanks for prompt response! that makes sense, also teaches me a little more about Videosync/Ableton. Because I am encountering both at the same time, there are some fundamental principles I still haven’t grasped. Learning all the time… :slight_smile: