Videosync playing wrong clip or playing at wrong time?


I am using videosync with live 11. I am building a show in arrangement view, it consists of backing tracks and videos. I am running videosync and at first it worked great, the video matched up and everything looked amazing. But then one day suddenly videosync now plays the clips I put in the timeline at the wrong times and it’s all messed up. For example, the first clip comes in way too early, then the clips for that song are all out of time. Then, when it hits the second song, the clips from the first one just restart and it doesn’t play the next clips. Then randomly it’ll switch over to the correct clips, but they’ll be out of sync. Anybody know how to help with this?

Hi there,

we are in a similar situation. We have a live11-set with about 100 clips in it, backing-tracks, clicks, the whole thing. Everything worked just fine a couple of days ago. As you said, it looked great.

Today we are working on our set, and videosync does the exact same thing as you describe. It started occurring after the update tot V1.1 of videosync. I’m not sure that’s the reason it fails, but before the update, there wasn’t a problem. Clips out of sync, they keep playing after pressing stop, or they don’t play at all. When we look at the video’s in the Ableton video-viewer, it works fine (altough it doesn’t have the effects from videosync of course.

Hopefully there is a fix for this, since we need the live set in a couple of days.

Hi Keanu,

Thank you for chiming in. Kaije contacted us over email in the meantime, and one of the possible reasons for the glitchy playback in the Arrangement View is the use of tempo automation while using video clips with Warp disabled. This is something we currently can’t support due to limitations on Live’s side. On this page you can find a short list of limitations for Videosync.

Warping the clips should make a difference, so let me know if playback is better while the clips have Warp enabled. As far as I know, no changes regarding video playback in the Arrangement View were added to Videosync 1.1, so there shouldn’t be a difference between it and Videosync 1.0.3. Could you verify this? You can download the installer here.

Oh, and about the comparing; you can easily run both versions of Videosync side by side, as long as both apps don’t have the same name while in the same folder.

Hey Keanu, this guy is correct. I emailed them yesterday and he emailed me back pretty quickly (way quicker than an answer in the forum).

I have a whole set lined up in arrangement view, including video tracks for showsync. What I did was zoom all the way out so I could see the whole set, click + drag to highlight all the videos in the track, then at the bottom turned on “Warp” and it fixed the whole thing. Works like magic now.

The problem is for some reason the automated tempo screws up the video and you need to allow warp.

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Thank you for sharing this Kaije! Glad to read that you found a way that works for you.