VideoSync not connecting, ISF issues

Hi, since updating to 1.1 I’m having problems with Videosync connecting with Ableton. When I load the demo set everything’s fine, but the moment I make a new session the Videosync output window just stays “not connected”.

With ISF shaders, I’m unable to drag from the Live browser. When I drag from Finder I have more luck, but am getting frequent “media files missing” errors. For example with VHS Glitch.fs.

Any help is appreciated. And sorry if there’s a support email I should use, this is what popped up when clicking “get support”.

Thank you!

Hi again, just to follow up – I can get videosync 1.1 to work, but it’s sporadic. For instance I deselected and reselected showsync as a control surface and it connected. Then I was able to get a syphon stream in, but couldn’t view a video clip in the session view. I also couldn’t see a Simpler clip in this same session. The Status plugin on the video clip’s track will initially say “connected” but won’t show any video, then when I click to select other tracks and come back, it will display “videosync not running”. Really it’s just been a buggy experience overall. Even the demo session won’t have modules like the new CropMap (a terrific module, btw) work unless I interact with them a little first, then they kind of “activate”.

Thanks for reading, hope you can help!

Hi Matt,

From what you’re describing, it sounds like there’s something that’s tripping up our Control Surface. Especially the fact that reselecting it in the preferences could be a clue.

When you open a new session, is this the default empty live set, or is this a custom template?

I can check Live log file to see whether there are any error messages coming from Videosync. Could you share a status report with me? Tips and background info Support | Showsync

You can send it by email ( or in a private message.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there, I’d like to explain and hopefully clear up some things about the included shader- and preset files:

It is currently impossible to see the actual shader files (files with the .fs extension) in Live’s browser. To circumvent this, we’ve included a number of preset files (with the .adv extension) of the ISFLoader, which are pre-loaded with shaders with matching file names in the same folder. These preset files should not be dragged into an ISFLoader device, as they themselves are device presets, not shader files.

If you open the _Presets/Shaders folder in the Finder, you will see .adv and .fs files with matching names.

Whenever you download new shaders, you will always have to drag the .fs files from the Finder window into Live. Or at least, until it becomes possible to see shader files directly in Live’s browser.

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Thank you both. Sorry for my delay, I’m in the middle of moving so please forgive me if I’m slow in responding for the next few days. At the moment Simpler and clips both seem to work. Once a problem with them crops up again I will send my log.

As for ISFs, I can load the included presets .adv shaders fine, but when I drag that same .fs file from Finder is when I have problems. For instance Optical Flow .adv works great, but dragging the .fs file from finder gives me a “Media Files missing” error. Additionally, FeedBackGlitch.fs appears to load fine, but doesn’t actually effect the video. Are you able to replicate either problem on your end?

Thank you :slight_smile:

No worries! Whenever you find something that may be a bug, it’s very helpful for us if you could make a screen recording of it and send it to us, as this gives a lot of immediate context.

I personally can’t reproduce any of these issues loading ISF shaders or presets. When you have the time, perhaps we do a short Zoom call so we can try and find out what the issue is together? Feel free to send me a private message so we can schedule something.

Edit: I found the issue! The ISF shaders I downloaded were displayed as “File System Plugin” by my Mac after unzipping them. I needed to right click and use “Show Package Contents” so that it would be unpacked another time, revealing the actual files. Inside there is another .fs file which then can be loaded in ISFLoader.

Hi Jean-Paul,

I think I have the same issue as user mverzola above. I can’t make the ISFLoader work with the files, somehow it seems like it can’t see the .fs files. I’m happy to jump on a zoom call with you if nothing happened here so far.

Additional info, some shaders do work. This one for example does (, this one doesn’t (

Thank you for the original and edited message, Lukas! Indeed, some shaders come as a packaged file with an .fs extension, which can be a bit confusing. Unfortunately, we can’t make it so (yet) that Videosync is able to read the .fs file within the package without having to unpack it first.

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