VideoSync freezes when opening past live set

Hello Guys,

I’ve been using video sync for almost a year for my live performances and found that it was the most stable/reliable program compared to others in the market.

When I built my live set since i was starting from zero everything was working fine with videosync, i had my live performance and i was happy with it. Past a few months, i’ll be able to perform again and when opening the session to make adjustments or improve upon it, videosync just doesnt work anymore.

The live set is rather big. Around 150 tracks of audio (not always playing, mostly 10 or 12 tracks at the same time) and around 10 video tracks (also not all playing at once, mostly 2 or 3 max)

What could be the problem? I’ll be performing on the 4 of next month and I’m getting a little bit frustrated and stressed :frowning:

all the best and look forward to your answer,


VideoSync 1.2.6
M1 Ultra (128 GB) + MBPro M1 Max (64GB)
Ableton Live 11.2.7

Hi Daniel,

We’ve received one similar report today, and we’ll be investigating the issue in the next couple of days. I hope to share more info with you ASAP.

Have you by any chance upgraded to macOS Ventura recently?

no! in monterrey in both machines

That’s good to know. Could you please try the following:

  1. Open your Live Set without launching Videosync.
  2. Delete all the video tracks in your Live Set.
  3. Launch Videosync. (Does it connect as expected now?)
  4. Undo the deletion of the video tracks, and press Play (Do the videos show/play as expected now?)

This is not to resolve the underlying issue, but may help determine if the issue is similar to the other report we’ve received.

Hey Jean Paul,

When deleting the tracks videosync connects as expected, however when undoing deleting the video tracks now videosync does not respond. Before it would show me the beach ball loading thingy but now it doesnt and also does not let me access the preferences of videosync. Audio works in the liveset but no video is sent to videosync, or maybe it is, is just videosync does not respond

update: Videosync seems to work when i mute all previous video tracks, the ‘‘instruments’’ work as expected, only when unmuting the main video track containing the cut clips throughout the set then it freezes out and i have to restart it.

Thanks for sharing more details. It indeed seems there was a problem with loading video clips on audio tracks under some circumstances. Could you please try out this beta build, and let us know if you are able to load and play your Live Set without fail?

Hey Jean Paul,

Unfortunately not, I installed it but same thing happens, I get the beach ball until is not workable anymore.
What i did is since when I performed, the venue streamed and also recorded my visuals in one big file. I uploaded that one into the session and now at least will be able to perform for the 4th.

I think the problem is loading a bunch of videos altered and cut down into one track. I had a couple short videos in one track specifically and for those tracks there was no problem recalling, only when I had many different videos into one track.

only real downside of it is that the quality is way less that when i was processing it through video sync :frowning: