Videosync doesn't recognize my newly bought license key (worked fine for 6 houres)

Dear sir/madam,

I just bought Videosync, received the license key and activated. This worked fin for about 6 hours. Videosync now says I don’t have a license key and should purchase one. Below a screenshot of Ableton and the installation of Videsync.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Francois, welcome to our forum!

I think the screenshot got lost, but I see you also emailed it to our support email address. I included an anonymous part of it here to benefit other readers:

What this means is that if you own a Videosync Intro license, using plugins is not supported, as detailed in our System requirements section, under Edition Compatibility.

Video playback and mixing should be fully supported though, both in Session view and if you use Live 11, also in Arrangement view.


Hi Mattijs,

As you can see in the screenshot I run Ableton 11 Live Suite, not Intro. When I purchased Videosync it ran perfectly for 6 hours, I closed my laptop and when I opened `Ableton again to proceed I got this message

strange ?

Hi Fransisco,

There may be a misunderstanding. Ableton has an Intro version of their product Live, but we also have an Intro version of Videosync. At a reduced price (€ 79 at the time of writing), this gives you access to full video playback but not to using plugins, regardless of the Ableton Live license you own. So what you are seeing is expected based on the license you own.

If you are interested in using the Videosync plugins, you can consider purchasing a full license. Note that you can deactivate your license on your machine to test the plugins in demo mode without a purchase.

I closed my laptop and when I opened Ableton again to proceed I got this message

I’m not sure what could have caused this. I just tried entering a Videosync Intro code myself and as far as I can tell everything behaves as expected: the demo overlay disappears and the Videosync plugins switch to deactivated mode immediately.

Btw if you do decide to go for the full version, please let us know. We will then send you a coupon code to reduce the full license price to € 120 since you already purchased Videosync Intro.


Hi Mattijs,

Indeed my bad :slight_smile: . That is the thing, why it gave me full access for 6 houses is a mystery. The main thing I missed was diabelang audio, we use Ableton in our band for backing tracks, and now also for video. The video I received had audio as well which I could mute. This mute option disappeared when I opened the laptop the second time. I assume this is part of the full license. it is clear now thanks for the quick respons.

Francois (mooi dat we door zijn naar de volgende ronde he!) :slight_smile:

Hi Francois,

Right, the properties plugin is disabled as well in Intro, which excludes changing those mixing and blending settings.

Luckily there are other ways to mute audio and not video: for instance you could use Ableton’s Utility plugin to do that. This will only mute the audio, not the video.

Mattijs (juist, nu doorpakken! :slight_smile: )

Thanks Mattijs, everything is sorted now! Great software!

gr. Francois