Videosync Crashing When Changing BPM

videosync crashing when i edit type in diff bpm master scene clip speed. this happening for anyone else? i wanna be able to edit during my live set but dont want it to crash while performing. also my CPU is very low it only happens when i change the bpm.

Hey there! That sounds very unusual, and so far am unable to reproduce this. Perhaps there is a specific unforeseen issue/case with your Live Set that is causing this behavior. Does the crash happen very consistently?

  • Would you be available for a Zoom call? If yes, please DM me some suitable day/times for you.
  • Otherwise, would you be able to make a screen recording of how you are able to make Videosync crash consistently?
  • Otherwise, would you be able to share a (part of) your Live Set so we can try to reproduce the crash on our side?