Videosync crashes when closing laptop lid

When closing the laptop lid, Videosync crashes and one can only restart it, after quitting and restarting Ableton. Is this a known bug or are there any workarounds ? Thanks.

Ableton 11.3.13
Videosync 1.3.2
Mac m2 Ventura 13.5.1
ps: can send you a full crash report if needed.

Hi Sergio, welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear about that! That’s especially strange that you have to restart Live before you can re-launch Videosync. We’ve only heard this once from a user more recently, so any additional info on this case (including crash reports) is very welcome.

I’m also curious how consistently this happens for you. Is it easy to reproduce? Does it happen every time you have Videosync and Live after your machine gets out of standby?

Hi Jean Paul,
Thanks for getting back to me :wink:
Yes it’s consistent depending on how long you close the laptop for, you need to leave it closed for some time for the crash to happen,…haven’t measured how long exactly,…I think ± half an hour minimum ?
Uploaded the crash report to a Google doc.

What kind of Live Set do you have opened at the times this happened? Does it vary? Or is it mostly the same project?

It varies, but the projects are rather similar in the sense that they all have one or two simpler devices playing mp4 h264 videos (± 18 seconds video-loops), they all have three to four ISF loaders, some are used as effects after the Simpler player, some use properties devices to define blending modes. All projects use mapped envelope followers. I seem to notice though that the crash doesn’t happen in arrangement view,… can’t say for certain though as up till yesterday i was working exclusively in session view.