Videosync 2 open beta launch for Windows and macOS

We have launched the public beta for Videosync 2, which brings Videosync to the Windows platform for the first time! During the beta phase, we are primarily seeking feedback from users, especially those on Windows, due to the various hardware configurations and potential unforeseen complications.

While Windows support is a major highlight of this release, we’ve also fully revised the user interface and plugin suite, introducing many new features and possibilities. Our very own @Tarik Barri spent a lot of time refining every instrument and effect, significantly updating their internals and how they work together, creating a more coherent creative toolset.

For more information about the release and to download the installers, visit this special beta webpage.


i’m not able to find the ‘Properties’ device that ran on previous (pre-2) versions of Videosync. Is that functionality taken up elsewhere? Or am i looking in the wrong place? Sorry if I’ve missed an announcement somewhere.

Properties and Status can now be found in the Effects folder!

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aha. now i see. thanks!