Videosync 0.8.5 released

Hi all,

Today we released Videosync 0.8.5. This update brings a couple of new features and improvements all across the board. Download 0.8.5 here!

New: Connect to remote Ableton Live

You can now run Videosync on a separate machine with minimal setup. Up to two Videosync instances can be connected to the same Live set so you can even connect a backup machine at the same time. Read more in our manual.

New: External In

The External In instrument is an upgrade of the Syphon In instrument. Besides receiving Syphon textures from external applications, the External In can receive webcam input, and content from other tracks. (Much like the ‘Audio From’ option in Live.)

New: This action will stop video playback

Videosync now asks you if you’re sure you want to quit the app while Live is playing.

New: Mask Alpha blend mode

The Mask Alpha blend mode acts like the Mask blend mode but taking the alpha channel into account.

Note: the order of blend modes in the device has changed because of this addition. Replacing the Extender devices in your existing Live set might result in unexpected behavior. The older and newest Extender devices can co-exist in your Live set without any issue

Improved: reduced Simpler’s RAM usage

Various improvements in Simpler drastically reduce its RAM usage when using multiple devices with the same video file. These changes also resulted frame precision fixes and many more.


  • Added Dry/Wet parameter to ColorControl.
  • Fix for graphics issues on some newer Mac Mini’s.
  • The Installer alerts earlier when the User Library does not exist.
  • CMD-W shortcut works for all windows.
  • Removed all resolution constraints.