Videosync 0.7.0 released

Today we are celebrating the release of Videosync 0.7.0, our largest update yet. It adds fun and useful features and a new registration system so we can finally start selling Videosync! We hope this will boost development and allow us to build more awesome features.

We also thoroughly cleaned the plugins set, moving some plugins to separate, freely downloadable packs.

Note: Live sets made with plugins from before 0.7.0 will not work right away with this release. You will need to replace all plugins with their latest versions and due to the big cleanup, in some cases these may not be not backwards compatible.

Here is what we did:


  • New registration system based on Devmate and Paddle
  • Automatic update system

New media formats

  • HAP codec support
  • You can now drop images onto audio track clip slots


  • Trimmed all plugins to essential functionality: removed Dry/wet, removed whimsical Squares features, option to link horizontal and vertical parameters, etc etc
  • Redesigned all plugin interfaces
  • Added Crop plugin
  • Unified and clarified side chain drop downs


  • Syphon In list is updated automatically when servers are added or removed on the system.


  • Control surface installer is now always on top
  • Control surface installer now checks if the active Ableton Live instance has the correct control surface installed.
  • Removed small black crosses in side chain drop downs that indicated a delay of one frame when choosing earlier tracks
  • Lots of small cleanups


  • Moved Nova, Hatcher, Fluid, ShaderLoader and Gradient to a separate Hero pack, as these are top notch custom plugins designed by our heros: Hidde De Jong, Tarik Barri, Matthias Oostrik, Fabrizio Poce and Jaap Drupsteen
  • Moved Modulators to a separate pack.
  • Created a Deprecated pack for all plugins that we found were non-essential. They are all still working as before so if your favorite plugin was removed in this version, please check this pack (and let us know).

The latest version and the separate packs can be downloaded from the Videosync download page.

Sync away!