Videosync 0.6.2 released

During our custom projects we fixed some bugs and did important updates that makes working with Videosync more robust, which we didn’t want to keep from you. Here is a list of changes:


  • Preroll support for movies: launching a stopped movie is now instant, even when quantisation is off
  • Changing time signatures in session view is now fully supported
  • Added explanation to Return tracks Pre/Post option in Extender
  • Show error when arrangement loop is on (since this is not supported in Videosync)


  • Videosync stopped rendering when the output window was not visible, causing issues with the Syphon output
  • We cleaned up Master plugin automation names
  • Old video frames are now prevented from showing when opening a new set
  • There is better fullscreen support on external displays
  • We fixed some edge cases where tracks would not render

The latest version is from now on found here, at a permanent link.


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