Videosync 0.6.1 release

In release 0.6.1 we have rewritten the windowing system to better integrate with Mac OS X. This version is not focussed on new features, but on better user friendliness. Please see the renewed installation instructions here.

Download 0.6.1 here!

New features:

  • Fullscreen option in Master plugin (double-click on the output window works, too!)
  • You can now send to us a problem report directly when the application crashes or has an exception with the new Problem Reporter
  • We added a link to the forum under Help in the main menu
  • The control surface is longer needs to be copied manually. You will get a pop-up if the control surface needs to be installed or updated, where you can tell Videosync to do this for you.

Fixed bugs:

  • Videosync no longer crashes when opening from the disk image or a folder without write permissions.
  • Videosync no longer asks you if you want to Re-open windows if it closed unexpectedly.

NOTE: Updated System Requirements

  • The minimum OS X version is now 10.10, please let us know if you think this is too high.

would be nice if mavericks is still supported.

don t see a control surface update on the 0.6.1 dmg…can we still work with controlsurfcae v 0.6.0?

Hi Macha,

The Control Surface will now be installed by Videosync and is not distributed in the dmg anymore. You should see a pop-up when running Videosync if no up-to-date Control Surface is installed. If not, you can install the Control Surface by clicking ‘Install Control Surface’ in the main menu.

We can reconsider supporting Mavericks, but I’m curious what the reason is you’re still running Mavericks. Are you using plug-ins which are not compatible with newer OS X versions? (Just interested in your workflow!)


Hello hidde i have mavericks on my desktop 12 core for compatibility resaons. Some Software and plug ins that i use often won t work anymore when i go to higher os.