Videosync 0.4.17 alpha release

Today we release version 0.4.17. Download 0.4.17 here!

• A major update for video playback, lets you launch and loop videos seamlessly.
• A major update for note processing. All notes are processed, even when you’re using so many plug-ins that the frame rate is really low. So, no stuck notes anymore!

New plug-ins
Hatcher is a unique advanced plugin developed from scratch by Tarik Barri. (See some screenshots below!)
Squares replaces all ’square-related’ instruments by merging them in one instrument.
External Video Instrument is an instrument which can be used to receive video feeds through Syphon.
• Write your own GLSL shaders and use them in Videosync! ShaderLoader is shipped with some examples to get you started.
Easer is a modulation device for setting parameters with easing.

And many bug fixes and performance improvements.

Screenshots of the Hatcher plug-in on video files and instruments.