Video syncing with a Playback System

Good evening and already apologies for this question that has been probably discussed a million times: Recommendation from a friend, try Showsync.
Here’s the plan: We have a redundant Playback System running our shows with Ableton via iConnectivity interfaces and sorrounding. The artists wants simply to have an additional MacBook with video content that matches the songs triggered by the PLB system. We can send Midi notes (obviously) via the iConnectivity enviroment to that specific laptop that holds the video content.
A) can Showsync do exactly that ? Implement existing videos in Ableton that will be triggered by the above mentioned enviroment ?
Aplogies again, I just need very quick solutions and don’t have the time running through every single topic in the forum. Kick me out if you want, but I would urgently love to have a thumb up or down :slight_smile: Much appreciation for your replies. Thanks, Dorino

Hi Dorino! Welcome to the forum! That’s a nice use case!

Videosync basically integrates with Live, so it’s not really a standalone application. In other words, you’d need to have Videosync running on both the primary and the redundant machine, alongside Live. Usually you’d have Videosync’s output window set to Full Screen on the external display that the audience sees. Whatever video you trigger in Live’s Session View, or whatever video you throw into the video variant of Simpler and trigger with MIDI, will be shown in the output window.

If one system fails, you’d have to find a way to make the projector switch automatically to the video output of the other machine. Videosync does not support something like that out of the box, but if you have a device that could handle 2 HDMI inputs and switch automatically, we’d love to hear about it!

Hi Jean-Paul, thanks for your answer. I think the question is easier. I might have described the picture a bit to complicate. Sorry. Basically it’s not about redundancy of the video. It’s about finding out whether a laptop with Ableton, Showsync (videos) can recieve Midi informations from an external source (Playback System) in order to start the video content ?

Ah, I better understand your situation now! Yes, that should be easy to do. You can either:

  1. Put video clips in the Session View, and assign MIDI notes to trigger those clips.
  2. Put video clips in our video Simplers, which could all live in the same Drum Rack on a single MIDI track. Each MIDI note would trigger a different video.

Using option 1 is probably the easiest, and also does not consume any RAM (option 2 does require a lot of RAM, unless you’d convert all your videos to HAP.

Good morning Jean Paul, thanks for you answer. I will try that then …