Video sync Arrangement View is not as responsive as ableton's default video windows

Hi, my computer is m1max macbook, so I think the hardware is not the problem, I use the extremely fast audiovisual clip in Arrangement View of video sync, but it is never as fast as the default video window of ableton, (I use prores442 and hap), sometimes it’s always a few frames slower, , because my work has very high requirements for responsiveness, I want to ask what causes this, and whether in future upgrades can reach the same responsiveness as the default video window. This will make video syncc a more reliable and perfect tool for live performances

I seem to have found the reason, video sync slows down relative to the ableton default video window when the locator jumps, video sync seems to need to read time to catch up with the normal timeline, probably in 1-2 seconds to keep up with the speed of the default video window, (the ableton default video window is very fast without any delay),but will still be relatively slow for a few frames