Video Simpler tutorial? (request..)


new user here… Videosync is awesome.

Is there a tutorial somewhere about the Video Simpler? If not - could I request one please?

Hi Rob, welcome to the forum! Thanks for the kind words.

A new tutorial video about Simpler is on the wishlist! For the time being, I covered Simpler in one of my tutorial videos on Videosync. It’s a little outdated, but I’m sure it’s still informative.

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thanks Jean-Paul

a quick follow-up to this… the tutorial mentions Videosync extension downloads that are no longer available on the Soundsuite site:

  • this is probably because of the upgrade to Ableton 11, but if they are still relevant, can re re-up the link please?


Sure, you can download it here. Whenever you will use one of the presets, Live’s Status bar will probably turn orange, saying that it can’t find the Simpler that was used in the presets. In that case, click the orange Status bar, and then drag Simpler from the Videosync 1.2 Plugins/Instruments folder onto the Simpler in the list of the “Missing Media Files” sidebar.

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