Video repeat rate

It seems that when I click repeatedly on the play button of a video clip, it doesn’t repeat at the rate it’s supposed to.
For exemple, set the global quantization to 1/4, set the clip’s launch mode to “Repeat” (instead of Trigger), and hold the play button of the clip.
To me, the video doesn’t quite repeat on a 1/4 basis.
Is that expected ? Am I doing something wrong ?

Hi Pierre,

Using the Repeat Mode should work as it does with audio, so it does not look like you’re doing anything wrong. Following your instructions, I do not notice a big difference between what I see and what I hear. However, looking from a technical perspective, it’s possible that you’re experiencing something else.

The video performance in Repeat Mode greatly depends on your computer hardware and the video codec you’re using. I recommend looking into the HAP codec, as this codec should be able to change the playback position very fast in this situation.

Here you can find some information on how to convert existing videos to HAP:

Hope this helps!


Thanks Hidde, this worked !
I didn’t know about this format, but it greatly improved performance.

On a side note : is there any way I can reach you by pm ? or maybe you can give me an email I can write you ?
There’s something I’d like to show you.

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Happy to hear!

You can send a PM on the forum, or directly email me at