Video playback ends with black

Hi all.
Is there a way to stop video playback at the last frame?
In my shows I need to stop the video playback at the last frame (not black) and wait for the next one to play (sometimes with a cross fade). But the problem is that after playback the video goes black. I tried both with ordinary playback in session view and with simpler. Thanks if you can suggest me a solution.

Hi Riccardo,

Welcome to the forum! Videosync doesn’t have a built in freeze frame feature (yet), but it is possible to do this with automation and an ISF Shader:

Freeze (1.5 KB) (source)

  • Unpack the zip, drag the .fs and .vs files into User Library/Videosync/ISF Shaders/User
  • Put the ISF Loader device on a track, switch to the User folder in the top left of the device, and select the shader
  • Now you can automate the “freeze” dial on the right side of the device to freeze the frame whenever you need to.

Hi, thanks for the reply and the suggestion. I’ll give it a try. I have to check if it is convenient for my needs, since I usually use a large number of audio and video tracks. In any case I have to say that Videosync is a great product!

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