Video output with multiple video tracks


Basically I have 2 different video tracks in Ableton Session view and I want to cycle randomly between them. I use the Syphon out video to send it to OBS.

I thought that videosync was going to send out only the active selected track from Ableton, but actually what it does, its mixing both video sources togheter.

I can control what goes on Syphon (OBS) through the modulation of the volume faders of each track. I just need to come up with something like a macro that automatically and randomly cycles between the 2 video track volumes so I can have them cycling automatically during performance.

Any idea on how I can do that ?


Hey Bautanova,

You can do that using the Max for Live LFO that is included with all editions of Live 11. I made an example that you can download here.

Here are the steps to reproduce it:

  1. Put the LFO (found under Audio Effects) in a convenient place in your Live Set. In the example I put it on the group track containing the two video tracks.
  2. Click the “list” icon in the top right of the LFO, and map the LFO to the volume sliders of the two video tracks.
  3. Invert the minimum and maximum values of one of the mapped parameters.
  4. Set the LFO’s waveform to Bin (short for Binary Noise). The result is something similar to a square wave, except that the 1’s and 0’s are randomized at a defined rate in Hz or synced to the grid (in the example it’s set to 1 bar, so that after every bar there is a chance that the video tracks switch visibility).

I thought an easier solution would have been to map the LFO directly to Live’s crossfader and assign both video tracks to either side, but for some reason the crossfader is not mappable.