Video occasionally not appearing/loading

Hi, I’ve been trialing Videosync with my band for a few rehearsals now, looking for a way to play music videos in sync with our backing tracks. For the most part, it’s been working well, but we get an inconsistent issue that I’m not able to figure out.

Basically, each Ableton file contains a video track in arrangement view, lined up with the music. Sometimes, and I haven’t been able to identify a pattern yet, the video doesn’t show up at all. Ableton’s video window will show playback just fine, but Videosync is all black. Reloading the Ableton file will usually fix it, but that’s not as viable during a live performance.

For example, Song 1 plays with video. At the end of the song, Song 2 loads up, but no video appears in Videosync. Later, Song 3 loads up with video.

Going back to Song 2, video loads - so seems to be fine in the file itself?

Let me know if there’s anything I should check out, I know how tricky inconsistent issues can be, and any other details you need.

For hardware, this is on 2 devices:

  • Ableton Live 11 Standard running on a MacBook Air M1, wired into LAN
  • Videosync running on Mac Mini (Late 2014, SSD), dedicated to only video playback, wired into LAN

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

Since you are a new user and just interested in using Videosync for video playback, are you aware that Live’s mixer also controls when a video is visible in the Master Out window? All audio routing generally applies to video as well, for example:

*This can be unlinked using the Properties device.

Could you please verify and let me know if the video track is unmuted and its volume slider set to 0db (= 100% visible)?

Hi Jean-Paul, thanks for the reply! To your questions, I’ve got the video track set to Master out, and enabled, not using any volume changes or automation. I’ve also attached an screenshot of an example, the “Video” track.

What’s weird is that it will work, or not work, without any changes to the file or session, which is why I wondering about something happening with loading.

Okay! Are the video clips not warped by any chance, and are you using any tempo automation?

That’s a good point, I know I’ve warped many of the videos, but can’t say they all have - I’ll check that out. For tempo, I have a MIDI clip set to Lead - consistent for the whole song, not sure if that counts as automation.

Interesting, that’s something I personally have never tried. Generally speaking, tempo automation with unwarped video clips in the Arrangement View will cause glitches; this is a known limitation we currently can’t do anything about (due to limitations of Live’s API). Enabling Warp for all video clips while using tempo automation should resolve the issue.