Video not playing from Arrangement View

The manual strongly implies playing video is possible via the Arrangement View:

But I cannot get video to play no matter what I do. Videosync is connected and works fine from the Session View. I’ve tried multiple video files. Black screen in Videosync every time.

Any ideas?

Ahhh, this is my bad - didn’t realize video support is a bit wonky in Live 10. Will either upgrade to 11 or use the Session View workaround.

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I wouldn’t say video support is more or less wonky in Live 10. The big difference is simply that in Live 10, we couldn’t yet support video playback in the Arrangement View due to limitations of Live’s API. This changed with the release of Live 11, allowing us to add video playback integration for the Arrangement View.

That makes sense, thanks Jean-Paul!

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