Video invert/chromakey advice sought

i know this should be simple, but i can’t figure it except with Displace, which gives me a distorted image. I have an incoming image with white text on black:

…and i want to insert it over video image so that it is filled with inverted/negative of itself:

I’m working with live sources in Session view. Any advice welcome, simplest method preferred…

Hey Rob,

I just tried doing this and was able to achieve it to some extent, but the main problem for me was that the text has a black background. If it didn’t, it would probably be a lot easier. Is there a specific reason you’ve chosen a black background over a transparent one?

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Thanks, Jean-Paul

No, and i thought it WAS transparent. Syphon shows it as a black background either way, and I’m not sure how to ‘see’ if it is transparent in a video clip. Does this png show as transparent for you?

That makes it a lot easier! Please see the attached Live Set.

I’m using a Properties device on the track that does the text, of which its Blend Mode is set to Difference. The background track should be on the left side of the text track.

Negative color (503.7 KB)

yeow! amazing response. that’s extremely useful to me, and it teaches me more, too.

I very much appreciate the time you put into it. Big thanks. Is it too soon for this?


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