Video Input not showing up in External In

I am trying to use a Blackmagic UltraStudio MiniRecorder to get video into Showsync.
But it does not show up under Devices.
In other Software like Zoom and Discord it is there and working as an video input.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum! Videosync unfortunately does not support Blackmagic hardware at this time.

Hi Jean-Paul, thanks for the quick reply and clarification!
Is there a compability list of some sort?

Hi - I use Black Syphon with BM devices + Videosync and it works great!

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Thanks Evan! I need to remember that one :smiley:

Sure thing! Sometimes it requires re-selecting the Syphon input a couple times but otherwise works great :+1:

awesome guys! I’ll check that out today! Thanks a bunch!

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