Using MIDI controllers with Videosync..?

I’m a fairly recent Ableton+Videosync user, and the MIDI controller market makes my head spin. Do any other Videosync users have preferences for controllers that work well with Videosync functionality? It would be interesting to hear what and why…

Hi ridge,

Any controller that works well with Ableton Live will work well with Videosync, since all control of Videosync goes via Live. The Ableton Push is obviously a great choice, especially for jamming/composing. For live performance, I personally have good experience with the Novation Launch Control XL.

Hope that helps,

thanks for this, Mattijs.

In fact I have been looking at the Novation series. The problem i have is choosing between keyboard, buttons, and sliders. it’s like a “chicken-and-egg” thing where you have to decide whether to make your workflow fit the controller, or the other way around. Why did you choose that specific one?

Hi Ridge, If you’re not sure about what style of MIDI controller to buy, could I recommend the Akai APC Key 25? It sort of has “a bit of everything” such as 25 piano keys + 40 buttons in a grid + 8 knobs, and only costs about 100 Euro / Dollars.

This could be an inexpensive way to try out different workflows. If you find you lean towards working a certain way, you can always buy controllers that have more of anything (more buttons/pads/keys/knobs/sliders etc) later on.

I own almost a dozen MIDI controllers (I’m a keyboard player) but the APC Key 25 is really quite special in its feature set giving a little bit of everything, in an inexpensive and highly portable package.

Hope this helps!

very helpful, thanks. that definitely looks the right choice for me at this point.

it’s like a “chicken-and-egg” thing where you have to decide whether to make your workflow fit the controller, or the other way around.

Well put! I personally like restricting myself to the 8 tracks that the Launch Control offers, that makes performing less of a “brainy” thing.

The choice for sliders is an important one for me, I want to be able “slam” up or down a slider when a break or a drop hit. Context: this was mostly used as a VJ-like performance next to a DJ. Their tempo was synced to my Live set but the musical movements were not, so that required quick improvisation.

…so i went with your advice. It’s a good all-round starter controller for sure. It works straight out of the box, and the layout is very simple. Although I get the feeling that the journey ahead will be scattered with different MIDI devices, the same way guitarists never stop buying pedals, this was a good recommendation. Many thanks.

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You’re welcome! Glad to hear you’re happy with your purchase :slight_smile: