Using HAP with Quicktime?

Looking for 3rd-party software advice.

HAP is a great codec, but the problem I have is that I use Quicktime for previewing clips in the finder, and HAP-encoded clips don’t open with Quicktime. Without previews it’s like flying blind. I don’t know what the clip is until I drop it into Ableton/Videosync.

I found a Quicktime encoding component on the Hap page here:

  • but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. I’m on Ventura 13.0. Does anyone have advice on this?

Hey Rob,

I recently found out about QuickLook, which generates thumbnails for non-native encoded videos. To actually playback the files however (before dragging them into Live), you’ll have to use something like VLC. Previewing with video playback by just pressing the spacebar in Finder doesn’t seem to be possible unfortunately.

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thought so. But thanks, I will check QuickLook

update: QuickLook gives me thumbnails for all my HAP clips, which is very helpful. Thanks Jean-Paul!

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