Use still source images in Videosync?


My use case for Videosync is centered around processing still images. I understand that Live 11 no longer support still images as clips. So I thought the Videosync version of Simpler might do it. However, when I try to load a .jpg into Videosync Simpler, it tells me the file format is unsupported.

Is that true and, if so, is there a workaround?

The forums refer to ImageLoader… but that seems to be deprecated. Saw something else indicating that older plugins became part of Hero packs, but can’t find anything about them either.

Any help re working with still images in Videosync is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi Jeff,

Indeed. At some point, Live 10 stopped supporting image files as clips. Our Simpler also doesn’t support image files (yet). However, if you could shoot me a message at, I’ve got a prototype that you could give a spin and maybe provide some feedback on.

Hope to hear from you!


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Hi there - i second that !!
would love to be able to fill up a drum rack with some images (jpg / png+transparent) and have some fx to glitch them around :wink:

Hey Koochey, we’ve added image support to Simpler in our latest beta build. I believe you already have access to the Videosync beta? In that case simply open the beta app and check for updates. Please let us know on the beta forum if you run into any issues.

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perfect - will test that today - looking forward