Usable formats for still?

Jean Paul–I’m working on a new video that uses artwork now in Tiff. Assume this has to be converted to be usable in Videosync. Which format do you recommend?

Nice to hear from you Patrick! The image formats Simpler supports are .jpg, .png and .svg. Either jpg or png should do the trick!

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I haven’t used videoosynths Simpler before and I’m doing something wrong because the jpg won’t drop into Simpler. Any advice will be welcome. When you’ve got time a short video demo would be helpful. Thanks, Jean Paul.


I’M STUCK! Have been trying to figure out how to use Simpler to put in a jpg still that is the heart of the video for the second performance piece. I’m missing something surely. Can Jean Paul or another technically capable user describe the steps one takes to insert Simpler into the piece and then the jpg into Simpler so that I can begin working with the image? Really appreciate it

Image support for Simpler was introduced with Videosync 1.1. Are you indeed using Simpler from the Videosync 1.1 Plugins/Instruments folder in the User Library?