Update Error with v 1.3

Hi there,

first hello to you - it’s my first post and thank you for this beautiful software. Yesterday and today i’ve tried to make the update 1.3 and i always get an update error. Any ideas and help what to do? A added a screenshot.

Lot’s of greetings & thank you.

Hey Karsten,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about the trouble! What version are you updating from? It may be that if you’re on a much older version, the auto update doesn’t work as expected. In such an event, feel free to download the latest installer from the website, and overwrite your existing Videosync application. This will achieve the same effect.

Happy syncing :slight_smile:

Hi Jean-Paul, it’s the version 1.2.9 - so it’s not that old :wink: But to use the installer is a good advice. Thank you, i’ll give it a try and think it will work fine.

Lot’s of greetings

That is strange! I just redownloaded 1.2.9 to update to 1.3.0 again, but I could do so without any issue.

Not sure what may be going wrong on your end, but should more people encounter this; we’re happy to hear about it!

Screenshot 2023-08-30 at 15.21.35

I don’t get an error but the automatic updater tells me I’m update (Beta 1.2.3)

Hey Selena,

That’s probably because you’re using the Videosync Beta application, and not the regular Videosync application. We maintain three different update channels for different purposes. We haven’t used or updated the Beta channel in a while, so it makes perfect sense that it says it’s up to date :).

If you don’t have the normal Videosync application anymore, then you can download it again from the website. It’s also safe to delete the Beta application you still have, as it’s no longer relevant at this point.

ok thanks. I’ve installed it.

Remind me - should I delete the 1.1 and 1.2 versions of the plugins or will that mess up old projects that are using them?

We have a page in the manual mentioning this. It’s okay to have different versions of Videosync plugins in your Live Sets!

However, if you’d like to update all plugins in your Live Sets to the latest version of plugins, you can delete (or move) the older version folders from your User Library. When reopening your Live Sets, obviously the files will then be missing. To fix this, drag the newest plugins from the User Library onto the plugins in the “Missing Files” panel on the right side in Live. After doing this once, usually Live asks if it should resolve the rest of the missing files automatically, knowing where they can be found now.
However, note that ISF Loader was previously ISFLoader. This means that Live won’t auto-resolve this missing file, as it has a slightly different name. Again, dragging ISF Loader from the User Library onto the missing ISFLoader file, will resolve the issue.

As is mentioned on the Updating Plugins page in the manual, it is our responsibility that the latest version of the Videosync app always keeps supporting all older plugin versions, with the only exception being major version updates (for example Videosync 2.0).