"UDp port might be in use"

Hi , After updating videosync… I get the message : Error detected …Control surface unable to connect “UDP port might be in use”…I get this message when i start videosync 0.7.5. What c should i do to fix this? not an expert in port forwarding…hope someone can give me a solution for this. Thnx!

forgot to mention: udp port 2000 seems to be in use. I quit all other apps. disconnected usb hub…no luck so far…:frowning:

Hi Macha,

There have been no changes in 0.7.5 regarding the UDP connection, so if it worked before it should also work for 0.7.5.

Have you tried restarting the computer? This will clear all ports and could solve the issue when something went wrong while updating.


Hi Hidde wow wacht a fast reply! :slight_smile: I fixed it. It was due to the old videosync controller which was also still alive.

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Great! Happy to hear!