TrackGrabber 'Waiting' issue

Evening everyone,

Whenever I drop the TrackGrabber plugin onto a track in ableton I get the message, ‘waiting’ instead of the track that the plugin should be working with. I think this is the reason why I can’t transmit OSC data outside of ableton at the moment?

The GraberSender picks up the other computer I want to communicate with fine, but I think the issue lies with TrackGrabber initially.

Any suggestions I’d love to hear :smile:


When I open the Max Window for the device I get this, not sure if you can decipher anything from that? :wink:

Thanks again!

Hi Arthr,

Unfortunately we can only support the latest version of Max and Live. From the screen shot it looks like you are using Max 6.

Hope that helps,

Hi Mattijis,

Thanks for your reply, that’s fair enough.
From your past experience though have you ever seen this/know of any possible things I can try to overcome?

Thanks again,

It looks like you have an old copy of Max 6, from the time before new objects were added, such as the live.thisdevice object, that are used in these patches.

You might be able to work around this if you are used to working with Max by replacing these with loadbang objects, but I wouldn’t guarantee this works as expected.