Streamlined Color Changing (Fades and Static)

Thanks for the brilliant software! I have been getting into this heavily and have over 200 songs that I need to create light shows for and would like to streamline the workflow as much as possible.

My question is threefold:

  1. I want to find out if there are any easy ways to pick static colors with automation without having to change the RGB automation every time. Like to build certain color presets and easily select them with automation.

  2. Is there a way to easily have two colors chosen and then fade between the two of them at specific moments?

  3. Is the Recolor device used for any of this? I read through the manual and I am still struggling to understand the intended use for Recolor.

Hey @drumsruan, thanks for reaching out!

To create presets of different colors you can group a Beam device into an Instrument Rack, map color parameters to Macros and use Macro Variations to create presets/Variations:

If you switch between different Macro Variations while recording with the Automation Arm enabled, the changes in parameters will be recorded as automation.

If you want to automate Macro Variations directly, you will need to use Max for Live, e.g. a device such as Smooth Automator, which also allows for morphing between Macro Variations, allowing you to fade between different colors.

Recolor device is primarily intended to make lights have a different color at different intensities. E.g. here we have blue that morphs into white as the intensity gets close to 100%: